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My name is John Thompson. I have been professionally taking photos for around five years now. I dipped my toes into every type of photo sessions to not only gain experience but to figure out what type of photography suits me best. Being a father to silly, rambunctious, fun loving children I found that family photography suits me more. I also enjoy wedding photography. I just love the fast pace feel of a day of photographing a wedding. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy shooting whatever I can when I can. I basically do everything but newborn photography. I also have started to take videography. I have worked on some web series and short films as a first assistant director. I also have started my own film production company with a friend. My creative eye doesn't stop at photography it continues on with videography. I am always building and growing within the creative communities. I plan to leave a legacy of my  art not only for my children to carry on, but possibly the world. 

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Short films I've made

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